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CAS No.:72432-10-1

Purity:98.5% min

MW: 219.24

MF : C12H13NO3

Appearancewhite powder

Application:Brain strengthening

Store at:Room temperature


Improved Memory

Increased Learning Ability

Improved Cognitive Processing

Heightened Reflexes

Heightened Perception

Reduced Anxiety

Reduced Depression

Aniracetam Dosage Information:

The current treatment dosage for senile dementia is 1.5 g/day. While absorbed very rapidly per oral (p.o.) due to its high lipophilicity, aniracetam has very low bioavailability (the amount of unchanged aniracetam that reaches systemic circulation) because it undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism; the bulk of the dose is broken down into metabolites after its first pass through the liver during the digestive process.

For treating memory and attention issues originating from degenerative or cerebrovascular disease in elderly patients, the recommended dosing is 1.5 g as a single daily oral dose or two 0.75 g oral doses taken daily. For treating anxiety and/or depression, patients in Japan are prescribed 3 x 0.2 g oral doses per day.