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Peptide GHRP-6 for body mass

Product Name:GHRP-6 Acetate

Cas No. :87616-84-0

Molecular Formula: C46H56N12O6

Molecular Weight: 873.01

Purity (HPLC):98.0%min.

Appearance:White powder

Single Impurity (HPLC):1.0%max

Amino Acid Composition:±10% of theoretical

Peptide Content (N%):≥80.0%

Water Content(Karl Fischer):≤6.0%

Acetate Content (HPIC):≤12.0%


Mass Balance:95.0~105.0%

Growth-Hormone-Releasing-Peptide-6 (GHRP-6) is a Growth Hormone (GH) secretagogue and ghrelin mimetic.

The peptide GHRP-6 works similarly to GHRP-2 and Ipamorelin, however it induces hunger consistently in mammals. It also does have some lipogenic properties that are dependent on the status on insulin and glucose. GHRP-6 may cause weight and adipose tissue gain if insulin is present. So don't eat for 30 mins post injection, nothing, nada. You'll be starving but dont eat.

Benefits and Potential of GHRP-6:

Again, similar to GHRP-2 and Ipamorelin, GHRP-6 has many benefits and uses. Due to the increased GH release, the following benefits may be observed:

Increased Energy

Improved Sleep

Increased Lean Body Mass

Decreased Body Fat

Increased Collagen Production

Increased Healing Capability

Recommendations for GHRP-6 use:

* GHRP-6 should be administered on an empty stomach. No food should be consumed for

15-20 minutes post-inject, if maximum GH release is desired.

* When using GHRP-6 for GH release, the average dosing range is between 100-150 mcg per inject. Dosing frequency is between 1-4X per day.

* In order to elicit maximal elevations in GH, GHRP-6 should be combined with a GHRH,

such as ModGRF1-29 (also known as CJC1295 w/o dac).

* If used for appetite stimulation, the common dosing range for GHRP-6 is between 100-300per inject, as needed.