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Product Detail
Boldenone propionate

Boldenone propionate
Appearance:White Powder
Specific Rotation:+84° ~+90°
Loss on Drying:0.5%Max
Solubility:Practically Insoluble in Water
Assay(on Dry Bsis):97.0~103.0%

Boldenone Propionate Usage:
Boldenone Propionate would be more intense to raises red blood cells, increase the appetite, and repair connective tissue which are also a huge plus for bodybuilders during training. Boldenone Propionate is going to be a painful injection. This steroid is containing 25mg/ml of the hormone boldenone attached to the acetate ester and 75mg/ml of the hormone boldenone attached to the propionat ester. Having Boldenone attached to these esters allows for it to raise blood levels rather quickly and for the effects to be faster than those seen with the slower ester of traditional EQ.