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Testosterone Sustanon
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Testosterone Sustanon(Sustanon 250 &Sustanon 100)

Component:Testosterone propionate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone decanoate and Testosterone isocaproate.

Assay: each 25%.

Appearance: White crystalline powder.

There are three main advantages of taking Sustanon over other anabolic androgenic steroids:

1.believe it or not, Testosterone Sustanon does not have as much estrogenic effects as you would think,This means it has less water retention and less fat deposition. Both of these are responsible for making the muscles look flabby and smooth. You can expect muscles of decent quality when using Sustanon

2.Second, Sustanon increases the number of motor neurons in skeletal muscles and improves neuromuscular transmission. This allows you to gain some physical strength and heighten reflexes

3.there is an increase in red blood cell production seen when using Sustanon. Increase red blood cells mean increase in oxygen delivery in your body, leading to more substrates for energy production by the cells. This also means that you can avoid cramps and muscle fatigue caused by anaerobic respiration due to lack of oxygen when working out. Sustanon lets you have more strength and endurance, and also prevents pains during heavy activities.

How is Sustanon used?

Sustanon can be used as low as 250 mg every other week to as high as 2000 mg per week or more. Even if you start at a minimal dose of 250 per week, you can expect an increase of 20 pounds within a few months. While Sustanon can stay active for weeks, it is given weekly in order to keep blood testosterone levels consistent.

Sustanon is often used with other steroids usually depending on the results the athlete wants. If he wants a great increase in bulk and strength, Sustanon is usually stacked with heavy, fast-acting orals like Dianabol and Anadrol. Stacks with Masteron or Parabolan will produce increase in muscle quality on the other hand.

Active compound effectiveness :


Muscle gain:★★★★☆

Fat/water loss:★★☆☆☆

side effects:★★☆☆☆

Keep gains:★★★☆☆