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Chinese alias:  2,6 - dimethyl 3,5 - diethyl-1 ,4 - dihydropyridine; 2,6 - dimethyl -1,4 - dihydro-3 ,5 - pyridine dicarboxylate

CAS No.:1149-23-1

MF: C13H19NO4

MW: 253.2943

Appearance: light yellow crystalline powder or needle

Content: ≥ 98%

Packing: 25Kg / Bag

Purpose: The new multifunctional additives dihydropyridine is a natural antioxidant has some role in the VE, inhibit lipid peroxidation compounds, the formation of liver protective layer; protective dietary fats and vitamins VA, carotenoids are not antioxidant oxidized. Meanwhile, you can also change the serum levels of certain hormones, promote animal growth, improve reproductive performance and lactation dams capabilities and enhance immune function, and their metabolism completely, almost no residue. After another dihydropyridine can significantly enhance the small intestine EMG activity, slowed intestinal chyme shift in favor of intestinal digestion and absorption, thus improving feed efficiency.